Since the quality of yarn primarily depends on the quality of cotton, immense efforts are taken to ensure that only cotton of the highest quality is chosen for production. This is achieved by conducting stringent tests at our laboratories in addition to maintaining a good rapport with our cotton suppliers.

Quality in each mill is taken care of by the quality assurance department manned by well trained technicians, equipped with advanced testing equipment and also by adopting various control measures based on a well researched and drafted quality plan right from raw material arrival to goods dispatch. Machines fuelled by the latest in technology are equipped with online monitoring systems like auto levelers and yarn clearers to achieve 100% inspection and rectification.

Good work practice followed by our dedicated work force also adds to the quality. The instruments available includes Uster Tester-5,Uster Tester-4, Uster HVI Spectrum, Uster AFIS Pro 2,UsterTensojet 4, Uster Quantum Classimat Tester, Mesdan Splice Tester 3 among a plethora of others.

Quality Policy

  • To ensure quality at every stage and to achieve fine quality production.
  • To be customer oriented and supply products that satisfies the customers.
  • To take continuous efforts to improve the quality and productivity through technology up-gradation.
  • To maintain market leadership and to meet customer requirements.
  • To promote quality awareness through continuous training and refresher programmes.
  • To achieve, maintain and improve international quality levels in products through personal involvement, teamwork and by providing a better environment.

Achievements / Certifications

  • The group is a BCI member.
  • The group is a USTERISED certified member.
  • Unit 2,3,4 are OEKO-TEX certified.
  • 95% of the ring spinning is compact.
  • Unit 2,3 are GOT6,OCS and GRS certified.
  • Unit 4 is com4 ring license holder.
  • Unit2  is ISO 9001-2015 certified by UKAS quality management system.

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